woodrow williams

Woodrow Williams



Woodrow Williams studied Engineering at both Stillman College in Holt, Alabama and Rutgers University in Newark, NJ.  He rounded out his education with a Business Administration degree at New York University, a degree in Bible Theology at the National Baptist School of Religion in Newark, NJ, and a Teaching Theory degree at Christian Men of the Chapel in Parmisen, Germany.  Mr Williams was the Youth Adviser at both Mt. Olive Baptist in East Orange, NJ and Little Friendship Baptist Church in Newark, NJ.  He was the Secretary for Black Christians Men’s Fellowship in the Oranges, NJ and Co-Founder of Christian Recreational and Cultural Ministries in NJ.  Later on he became the President of the Board of Directors for Orange/East Orange Community Development Corp of NJ, and the Board Chairman on the Deacon Board at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in East Orange, NJ.  And formally the Division Vice President for Gentape Division of PMC, Inc, in Bloomfield, NJ.