Live Stream Studio

New Live stream Studio Production Center

Live stream studio are the biggest thing today!!

With our multi HD camera, state-of-the-art live stream studio, you can engage a worldwide audience live and in real time.

  • We built this studio to give companies, schools, content creators and everyone the ability to broadcast live with multi HD cameras and high-quality audio.
  • Host your own talk show / Vlog Show.  We can produce your daily, weekly/monthly talk show on multiple content delivery networks such as Youtube, your website, Facebook or white label. Or broadcast to  all of these networks at the same time
  • We are video conference capable, so host your video conference in our studio
    Livestream your class from our studios. Nothing will promote your organization more than sharing your broadcast with those that cannot attend in person.
  • Host your weekly city council meetings.
  • Host your board meetings
  • Create your own news program. We have the same capabilities as CNN. Like bringing in remote guests into the broadcast.
  • Our studio is the solution to Public Access TV.
    If you are already incorporating video marketing, live streaming is the next step forward.

We  provide 1080p HD quality multiple camera live streaming for your web TV show.

We are green screen capable with multiple virtual sets to choose from.

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